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В данный момент на этой странице вы видите результаты по запросу: jackson wang papillon . Girl why you gotta be like this? Кроме того в конце клипа Джексон садится в вертолёт, а в начале клипе к песне Papillon он наоборот, выходит из него. Часть песни звучит на китайском языке, иероглифы заменены транслитерацией. На сегодняшний день существует очень много музыкальных порталов, но все они либо забиты мусором, либо не дают пользователям скачивать музыку, требуя указать номер мобильника, или отправить смс. На сайте очень много различных жанров, среди них Шансон, Поп, Ретро стиль, и другие направления.

Если провайдер или работодатель не разрешает скачивать музыку, то мы предлагаем нашим пользователям слушать mp3 в онлайн режиме. Музыка на нашем сайте имеет высокое качество, и её загрузка осуществляется всего в несколько секунд. First solo release takes Jackson’s style from K-Pop to Hip Hop. Break the rule, defy all the odds, meet the brand new self on the road! Jackson Wang is an easily recognizable face across Asia, and to K-Pop fans worldwide.

This August, his new solo single «Papillion» will be released, giving Jackson’s many fans something to talk about. The talented rapper’s effortless flow is backed by a fiery, bass heavy beat and catchy hook. But perhaps the most impressive thing about this «Papillon» will come from behind the scenes, since Jackson was the force behind it all. From the composition of the song, to production of the music video, Jackson had his hand in creating all of it. Papillon» celebrates breaking free from inauthenticity and shedding the shackles of corporate greed. In China, both the single and video for «Papillon», will be released exclusively on QQ Music on August 26th, and will be available on all music releasing platforms on August 29th.

The video for «Papillon» promises the same level of panache and polished fabulousness fans have come to expect from Jackson, and this is no accident since Jackson was in charge of the production of the video, down to the last detail. Featuring his crew, Team Wang, intense and engaging visuals and fierce choreography, «Papillon» is sure to be the biggest hit of 2017. When asked about the highly anticipated debut Jackson says, «This is a declaration of the music, where the change is in the creation. When facing challenges, we always have two voices in our mind, ‘step forward or step back’. The one who want to step forward is always affected by the weaken self. It is obviously that Jackson is the one who wants to step forward.

He wants to burn the negative self and to show a new self. As it is written in this song, ‘Ain’t nobody give a XXXX’bout a rule that’s what I do’, Jackson wants to break the rule of life. Papillon’ is a meaningful break of the rule of life. Jackson is a well regarded fixture of Chinese and Korean entertainment. In addition to his music career, he MC’s the popular cooking show «Please Take Care of My Refrigerator», as well as composing the theme song for the show. By communicating with his fans on Wiebo in 3 different languages, Jackson shows his dedication to fan engagement. In turn, his fans voted him one of the Top Ten Hottest Guys in Asia.